Why should you buy from us ?

Smokedrop.ca is one of the best smoke product selling website in Canada that has variety of smoke products to choose from . We sell different types of cigarettes’ in very reasonable rate . Note: Minors are not allowed to purchase cigarette from us . We only sell our products to our verified customer ( customers who have submitted their picture id and and verified with SMS ) . We have come up with a new concept of delivering your purchase to your home !

It is very simple process , Just place an order online , we will contact you via email or sms when your delivery is on the way . We also provide cash at delivery ! there are very few companies that have such flexibility . We are trying our best to reach out to as many customers as we can to meet their needs at their home !

Place an order today at smokedrop.ca and get your delivery with in a day .


Why choose Smoke drop ?

We will not start by saying smokedrop.ca is the best of all vendors. We also do not stock every brand of smokes but we have many to choose from . smokedrop is a small family run business. Because of this we practically know all of our customers by name by the order they place. This enables us to always be available to our customers. We can be contacted by landline phone 11:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday and 13:00 to 15:00 on Saturday. This means a human will answer the phone and can talk to you regarding any questions you have, whether they be about orders or simply to ask for advice about the different products we offer. We have time for this and even encourage it. We understand smoking can be confusing and want to give you the information to help you understand (with no sales pitch or follow up…just the info).