Welcome to SMOKE DROP

Our goal is for consumers to have a safe and cheaper way to purchase cigarettes. Consumers who want to avoid going out in public areas or Physically can not go out now have a better way of purchasing their cigarettes.

With Smoke Drop you can stay home and order your cigarettes all while reducing your contact with the general public reducing your chances of Covid-19.


Read more on what we are doing on our part to reduce the spread of Covid-19 below.


  • All our staff is fully vaccinated.
  • We have a contactless payment option for all customers
  • Our drivers are required to sanitize before and after each delivery¬†

Our Services

We offer same day deliveries and also scheduled deliveries.

(Same Day Delivery)$4.99

-Minimum order of 2 packs.

-Delivery surcharge for order to downtown 

-Deliveries usually take 20min to an hour

can be more depending on weather or unusually large number of orders.

-You must provide valid government issued ID to the driver.

(Scheduled Delivery)$0.00

-Minimum order of 8 packs or 1 Carton

-Must Schedule Delivery at least 24hr in advance to get free delivery

-Scheduled weekly and biweekly deliveries also get free delivery and will receive their order every week worry free

-You must provide valid government issued ID to the driver.

Before SmokDrop consumers would pay a lot of money to taxi cap drivers to get there smoke delivered. This was a very expensive, unsafe and unreliable transaction. We have now created a way for you to get you delivery in a much better manner.